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  • 5 Quit worrying about your health. It will go away
  • 6 Take care of your body, It's the only place you have to live.
  • 1 The reason I exercise at RAPHA is for the quality of life I Enjoy.
  • 2 Take Care of Your Body, It's the only Place you have to Live.
  • 3 The human body is the best picture of the Human Soul.
  • 4 Quit worrying about your health. It will go away

Company Profile


Rapha is a multi- dimensional fitness studio and is different from others, concentrating on complete health right from physical fitness to the other areas of health catering the needs of all age groups that is children, youth, middle age and old age. We seek innovative ways to enhance the physical and emotional well being of our diverse membership with our wide range of amenities and highly trained staff, we can provide fun and effective workout options to family members of all ages and interests. Rapha is a place where any common man can step into. " I feel the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more", RAPHA means Healing and it wishes all its clients to get rid of all their health ailments and be healed by all means.



To help members achieve their goal and put them in to track of fitness and well being when they do not need us for any longer.



Nirmala subodhi

My name is Nirmala Subodhi. I joined Rapha fitness centre under guidance of Jainy Florance. Jainy is a very good fitness guide, above all she has been a very good friend of mine till today. I lost 10 kgs in my training period. With her guidance i got back my confidence and also i got back my husband in my life once again after i got back in shape. I am very thankful to Jainy madam for all her cooperation and her guidance.


image Rapha fitness centre which is situated near trimulgherry cross roads is managed by an expert fitness trainer having vast experience with team consisting of young and dynamic trainers, who impart good training to the trainees and advise accordingly with their pleasing manner. I thoroughly enjoy my workouts though very tough without any stress or strain. I lost 10Kgs in just 2 months.


image My profession involved lot of physical activities. There was a time that i could run 14 kms or could run/walk for whole day and night. All this stopped due to an incident and i suddenly gained lot of weight. To keep up the tempo i kept trying to get fit again and for that i did cycling for 20 kms a day, treadmills and ellipticals, hired a trainer (at home). All these activities helped me but i had such cramps in my spine that whatever i achieved in 3 months i lost in a week. I got bugged after a month by all this as it has a saturating routine.

I happen to see "Rapha" from the otherside of the road and i took u turn and just visited a wonderful and a hard core professional "Jainy", who adviced me aerobics and strengthening combined with zumba. Being a man i had thought that dancing isnt my cup of tea but the demo at Rapha helped me to know that these activities are very enduring yet very much enjoyable. I would especially give credit to the professional instructors at Rapha who synchronize the class in a manner that with physical training we all enjoy and get closer to my fitness. I will say it's a u turn to my life.
I would like to add that the following corrections done to me at Rapha despite of being exposed to fitness world earlier:

  • 1. Correction in my inhaling and exhaling method
  • 2. Correct way of using ellipticals and treadmills
  • 3. Correct posture while doing abdominal exercises
  • 4. Correct regime of stretching sessions
  • 5. Correct pauses in between exercise sessions
  • 6. Rehydrating while being in between the workouts
  • 7. How to avoid cramps

Its quite satisfying being at Rapha under the able guidance of "Jainy" and her team of professional yet approachable instructors who tailor made my routine and would it in case i miss my routine. Now my wife Ruchika is accompanying to the workouts.

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